Lady Gaga Will Bid Farewell To Roseland Ballroom With Live Shows

Oh my. I’ve seen some wonderful gigs at Roseland Ballroom and am sad to see it go.

Founded in my hometown of Philly in 1917, it made its new home in 1919, where it was once a “Whites Only” club. Now, New Yorkers and New York tourists who love music and seeing their favorite artists live on stage will bid it farewell next year with none other than Lady Gaga. She will perform at the cultural institution in late March (28th, 30th, 31st) to early April (2nd), providing the very last shows that one will ever see there.

General public tickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster this coming Monday, November 25th, at 10 am EST, but if you’re a part of the Little Monster community, like myself, presale tickets will be available to a random selection of members tomorrow, November 21st. Those with Citibank credit cards are also privy to presale tickets on November 22nd at 10 am EST.

Tickets will be $50.00 a pop. I just may have to break the bank to bid my farewell to Roseland and say hello to Gaga!


Lady Gaga Should Be On “SNL” Every Weekend

Lady Gaga hit a home run this past Saturday on “Saturday Night Live”. After having seen her turn as a host/performer, I can say with confidence that she is a fine actress and quite the comedienne. The skit featuring her as a “Spotlightz” child actress was hysterical and her last skit with Kenan, looking into the possible future of a “has-been Lady Gaga” sent me into a laughing fit (I just love dark humor). If you couldn’t already tell that living in New York has influenced Gaga as an artist, seeing this episode of SNL will open your eyes.  

Hey girl hey!

Hey girl hey!

All Plots Thicken- Lady Gaga on Howard Stern and Perri “Pebbles” Reid on Wendy Williams!!!!

I’m just going to get right into it- Lady Gaga’s interview with Howard Stern this past Tuesday is a must listen affair! I think that it was a slam dunk for both parties as Stern and Gaga will certainly gain more fans because of it. Homegirl is so candid, so refreshing, so direct. She reminds us all that underneath the costumes is a real human being. When did we become so serious about pop music? Why can’t we separate the artifice from the flesh & blood of a performer like Lady Gaga? Is it because of music’s universality? Is it because Gaga is so adept at her musical talent and skills?

I got more than I bargained for after listening to her conversation with Stern. They talk about her present feud with Perez Hilton, Madonna, her relationship with actor Taylor Kinney, her love for her Lil’ Monsters (hey girl hey!), her take on the music industry, drug addiction and much more. Also, there are two raw performances towards the end that make fans out of some callers. Howard Stern is one of the ultimate radio DJ’s and conversationalists and Lady Gaga is one of the ultimate pop stars in music history. But both are human with flaws and this dialogue taps into that, no holds barred.

On another note, Wendy Williams and Perri “Pebbles” Reid shared a lovely chat on Wendy’s show about Pebbles’ portrayal on the recent VH1 TLC made-for-TV movie. Now, I was a tiny tot when TLC blew up and besides the fresh attire, dance moves, and Left Eye’s much talked about condom glasses, I was ignorant to contracts and the music industry. But, VH1 shed light on how much TLC was allegedly bamboozled out of millions of dollars because of Ms. Reid, which is a part of the trio’s legacy very few knew about… until now. Pebbles went on the Wendy Williams’ show to give her side of the story and what could have been a wholly illuminating interview went sour in the oddest of ways. Why? You can fast-forward to 6:55 for the “shade moment”. WTH?! Why was this necessary? It just goes downhill from there because then I started to think, “Are we just posing for the cameras now? I thought this was serious business?” Can we just have Chili and T-Boz sit down with Pebbles in a mediated talk, on- or off-camera and squash this beef once and for all? No Twitter, no off-handed comments, just woman to women.

Artpop Popped Off Today!!!!

It leaked a week early, but “Artpop” is officially out and about today and critics are saying that it “doesn’t live up to its avant-garde ambitions“, is “convincing and clever”, and that “her music hasn’t evolved much.”  That’s my cue to immerse my lil’ monster self in Gagaland all week and come up for air to tell my Artpop tale.

If you’ve already listened to “Artpop”, let me know what you think!


Go See “Machete Kills”!


I was lucky to attend a screening of Machete Kills last night, before it hits theaters this Friday and I have to tell you that if you are a fan of “Machete”, you will LOVE “Machete Kills”. Even if you’ve never seen “Machete”, check out this sequel. With a great ensemble cast that includes Danny Trejo, Alexa Vega, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Antonio Banderas, Lady Gaga, Cuba Gooding Jr., Vanessa Hudgens, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Demian Bichir, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, and Walton Goggins, and William Sadler you will NOT be dissappointed!

After the screening, there was also a rad Q&A with director Robert Rodriguez, Alexa Vega, and Danny Trejo in attendance. While I was not able to record any sound bites to transcribe, I will be going to a roundtable interview later today (Rodriguez, Vega, and Trejo are all expected to attend)! An article about the experience and the Q&A will be written by yours truly for your reading pleasure on Tinsel & Tine. Stay tuned!

Eminem, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire To Perform At 1st Ever YouTube Music Awards

The fact that YouTube is having it’s very own music awards show just gives you a HUGE clue into how the music industry has changed in the last couple of years. The revolution IS HERE!

Jason Schwartzman is set to host the first ever YouTube Music Awards

Jason Schwartzman is set to host the first ever YouTube Music Awards



What took so long?

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