Check Out My Article In This Month’s Sister 2 Sister Magazine!

One of the best feelings in the world as a writer is to see your name and an article you wrote, re-wrote, and wrote again in print, especially on newsstands. Alas, a story I wrote about the best methods for hair removal is featured in this month’s Sister 2 Sister magazine! The salesperson at my nearest Faber newsstand asked me if I wanted all five of the copies that I purchased and I told him yes as my insides did a little happy dance.

I’ve already made a silent promise to myself and to all of my family and friends who have supported me and continue to do so that this won’t be the last article that we will all see from me in bookstores and on magazine racks! In the words of my Uncle Ant, this is just the beginning.


If you are able to purchase a copy, please do so! Also, let me know what you think- I learned quite a bit while researching this topic, and there was so much more information to impart that I was not able to, due to word count maximum rules. All of the persons that I interviewed for this story were lovely, knowledgeable, and gracious. Their support was overwhelming and much appreciated.


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THR’s Latest Feature Article On Shailene Woodley Is A Wonderful Read

I couldn’t wait to get my physical copy of the next Hollywood Reporter in the mail; I just had to read their latest feature article on Shailene Woodley. I love her vibe, her talent, and the love that she continues to bring into the world. You don’t have to know her personally to see through her interviews (both on video and in print) and her acting that she is so in tune with nature and being true to herself. I ADORE THAT! 

‘Divergent’ Star Shailene Woodley: The Next Jennifer Lawrence? 


Ladies & Gentlemen, This Year’s Vanity Fair Hollywood Cover Is Magical

Listen, I love to read Vanity Fair articles. It’s at the forefront of intelligent and insightful journalism and a leader in discovering the next and now. But, I only buy Vanity Fair if more than one article truly speaks to me and if the cover is a golden ticket winner. This month’s Hollywood issue cover transcends both criteria:


(click to enlarge)

Let me just first point out that I don’t recall, in my lifetime thus far, ever seeing this many fine Black actors and actresses on the cover of any magazine from any country. To see Lupita Nyong’o, Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, Chadwick Boseman, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Michael B. Jordan on this year’s cover makes me want to cry. This is ground-breaking, motivating, and beautiful.

Secondly, I co-sign with every single person’s presence on this cover. I mean, Brie Larson is on the cover of Vanity Fair alongside Julia Roberts and Jared Leto. She may look like a fresh face, but Larson has been a working actress since she was a child. If you look at her IMDB page, your eyes will pop out of your head because, like myself, you may just find yourself saying out loud, “She was in that?!” Also, she is a splendid singer. Never forget:

Then you have Margot Robbie and Lea Seydoux who are both BOSS and George Clooney in the mix, arms crossed, looking at us as if to say, “Yes, this is the next generation and I approve.” Julia Roberts is just being Julia, loving life in Idris’ lap. Who wouldn’t?!

I haven’t been this excited and transfixed by a Vanity Fair cover since 2009, when this bad boy came out:


Ahhh, sweet memories…

But, this month’s Hollywood VF issue is just simply…


Respect must be given to Vanity Fair at this moment. I will be off to pick up my copy. It’s on newsstands and in drugstores today!

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Pushed Back to 2015….Oy Vey

Will anyone be able to wait until 2015 to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” in theaters? I still haven’t read the first book of the trilogy in its entirety (I’m still on Chapter 1…that’s a hot mess for my voracious mind.) From casting issues and now this…but check it… it’s debut is scheduled for February 13th, 2015. The day before Valentine’s Day. Sam Taylor-Johnson, I know you won’t fail me now.  Also, I’m loving Jamie D. as Christian Grey. The pictures are very convincing thus far. (Yes, I know more about the book and its contents and character descriptions and I have yet to get past Chapter 1. No judgment!)


Dakota looks appropriately college-aged right here, Chucks and all!

JLaw Doesn’t Work Out… Or Does She?

Days feel like months and for my absence I extend a huge “I’M SORRY!” Life got in the way (deadlines, auditions, film shoot, sleep, etc.), but now I’m back, sippin’ on my tea with no shade.

So, what’s up with my girl JLaw? I wish that I could eat hot dogs and candy as the days are long without working out and gaining a pound, but my metabolism won’t have it! Homegirl states that she does not work out nor diet. The dieting, ok. But no workouts? Ok, so what is this?


and this…


and this toojennifer-lawrence-running

Don’t play with my emotions!!!!!