Tonight Is Going To Be MAJOR!

Five Words: Broad City Lip Sync Battle


Lip Sync Battle on January 16, 2015 with Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

                                     Lip Sync Battle on January 16, 2015 with Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. 

My response?

yasqueenbroadcity Five more words: Jon Stewart Bids Us Adieu

Tonight also marks the last night we will ever see Jon Stewart sitting behind the infamous Daily Show desk…


Alas, we will always have moments such as these to remember:

Anyway, my body is ready. LET’S DO THIS!!



Will You Tune In To Watch “Red Band Society”?

I had the opportunity to check out a sneak preview of one of Fox’s new television shows, “Red Band Society” before tonight’s pilot premiere and I must say that it’s not a perfect show…. yet. But that’s part of its charm. We the viewing public are used to seeing beloved shows tossed in the pop culture trashcan before seeing them blossom past their one year of infancy. All of the elements for a great show are here- an up and coming young cast, familiar faces of proven talent (Octavia Spencer, Wilson Cruz, Grffin Dunne, Dave Annable, Thomas Ian Nicholas), and a compelling storyline centered within hospital walls. Add in an Executive Producer in Steven Spielberg and comparisons to an iconic 80s teen movie and “Red Band Society” can’t lose. Or can it? I sure hope not. I want to see what comes of Kara, Charlie, Dash, Emma, Leo, and Jordi. I really do. Plus, Octavia Spencer’s Nurse Jackson and Zoe Levin’s Kara Souders are both so deliciously “rhymes with witchy” on the show and that alone is enough for me to keep tuning in week after week. The reason behind Charlie’s stay in the hospital will also tug at all of your strings. “Red Band Society”, in my mind, deserves a chance to be seen and heard.


Your Next Obsession: “In The Flesh”

Like “My Mad Fat Diary”, “In The Flesh” is another poignant, well produced television show from across the pond that I’m absolutely riveted by. Has there ever been a show about a post-apocalyptic world where zombies can talk and are given a chance to re-integrate into civilization like normal human beings?


Told through the eyes of Kieren Walker, a zombie who goes back home to live with his parents and sister Jem, a Human Volunteer Force soldier appointed to help rid her town of “rotters”, the first episode of Season One wastes no time diving right into their world of the living versus dead with insane results.


Episode one of the second series has already started, but you can catch up with all three episodes of series on YouTube:


Series One, Episode One:


Series One, Episode Two:


Series One, Episode Three:







View The Official “Girl Meets World” Poster and Teaser Trailer!

After all of the rumors and talk, I am SO very happy that “Girl Meets World” is happening! I have so many fond memories of watching “Boy Meets World” and if I ever catch it on television with nothing to do, I have to sit and watch. It’s such a classic, timeless show with life lessons that can never get old.. Here’s to hoping that “Girl Meets World” will be just as successful and entertaining.




YES PLEASE To That Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo TV Drama…

Megan Ellison, one of my favorite super producers in Hollywood right now, is developing a TV series to center around Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Now, if you’re not familiar with either of these iconic Golden Age actresses, just know for now that they were once rumored lovers who became rivals, wonderfully expressive actresses, and FIERCE.


I’ve been waiting for a show like this! I’ll let this news sink in a bit more before making mental notes of my dream cast.




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Pretty Little Liars…You’re Killing Me Over Here I Love You For It

Let me tell you…”Pretty Little Liars” is taking all of my FEELS, plopping them in the middle of the Schuylkill River, picking them back up, wringing them bone dry, and laying them out in blistering heat. But it feels so good. Why? Well let’s take last night’s insane season finale, shall we? A lot of big questions were answered, but now we have a whole host of new ones. Then again, a PLL finale wouldn’t be the same without questioning every event and every character you thought you knew.



– Ali’s shocking Mommy Dearest confession: So, we found out in episodes past that Mrs. D is creepy, but nothing beats burying your own child alive. Whether she knew if Ali was dead or not in the moment, the scenes leading up to witnessing Mrs. D covering Ali in dirt six feet was jaw-dropping. Flies and other bugs could have gone into my mouth if they wanted to. Mrs. D. is in cahoots with someone (most likely A) or at least knew what A was up to. It got her killed though (or so we think).

– Ezra getting shot: I had a feeling right after the gun went off that Ezra had gotten shot, and then we panned to A making a fool of the girls once again, and then we pan to Ezra looking at the Philly skyline wistfully and it was then that I knew he got shot. Nothing could have prepared me for Aria’s reaction though. I was done.

– Mona’s crafty little plan: Mona knew all along about Ali’s disappearance because she crafted the plan from the beginning! Well played Mona. Well played.

– Toby going to London to tell Melissa about Spencer’s relapse: I love that Toby cares about Spencer, but he boarded a plane to London to tell Melissa about it? Say what? That threw me for a loop somehow. We can count Toby out of the A game at this stage, but methinks he knows more than we do.



– Hanna and her cookies: When Hanna made a little ruckus during the girls’ reunion in lieu of grabbing a handful of cookies, I laughed and related. I definitely have some Hanna in me.

– Spencer’s definition of lame ducks vs. geese: Glad to see Spencer correcting Hanna on her use of expressions. Word nerds unite!



– Well there goes my Ezra as A theories! As legit as I thought they sounded in my head (and looked on screen), this season’s finale changed the “Who is A?” game.

– Jason is looking SO suspect right now. He could possibly have been the one to bash Ali’s head in.

-Speaking of Jason, if it was not him, who did Mrs. DiLaurentis see knocking out Ali? Who is she protecting?!?

-Judging from the build and movement of A in the final scenes of last night’s episode, I’m leaning towards the notion that A is a guy.

-What did Melissa whisper in her dad’s ear? Either she killed the unknown girl in Ali’s grave or knows who did. There was a reason she fled to London and it wasn’t for the tea.

-The list of possible A’s has been whittled down and it’s quite possible that A is someone that the audience has never met and/or someone that the girls never would have suspected.

Jason, Noel, Paige, Wren, Mona, Mr. Hastings…I’m keeping my eyes on you!

– Is Mrs. D really dead? I would not be surprised if she finds herself in a similar predicament like her daughter’s.