Celeb Fitness, Health and Wellness News Roundup

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Fencer Daryl Homer Becomes First American Male to Win Saber Silver During the 2016 Olympics

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Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan and Others on the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Talk Body Love



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NBC To Donald Trump: “You’re FIRED!”

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Director Marc Webb Signs (“The Amazing Spider-Man”, “(500) Days of Summer”) Two-Year Deal With CBS Television Studios

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“60 Minutes” Correspondent Bob Simon Passes Away

Brian Williams Is Out….For Six Months

Jon Stewart Is Out….For Good

Obama Wants Congress To OK His War Against ISIS

Another New York Spring Fashion Week Begins Tomorrow(!!!!!!)

“Dance Moms'” Maddie Ziegler Is Set To Conquer New York Fashion Week 

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“Taking New York” Is No “Made In Chelsea”





Steve McQueen and Lupita Nyong’o Continue To Kill It

Photo Credits: Cineralia/ThandieKay.com

Both director Steve McQueen and Lupita Nyong’o were working hard at their respective artistic crafts before 12 Years A Slave, but now they have the mainstream clout and power to create and be a part of passion projects. Earlier this week, it was announced that McQueen’s next film will be about none other than Paul Robeson!

Paul Robeson was a true renaissance man who slayed at everything he set his mind to achieve. An actor, opera singer, activist, All-American football player, and scholar of law at Columbia Law School, Robeson was involved in both the Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights movements. He was also investigated during the McCarthy era, accused of being a communist. He retired and passed away in my hometown of Philadelphia.

The first and only film that I ever saw Robeson star in was Oscar Micheaux’s black and white film, “Body and Soul“. This movie debuted Robeson in his first starring role on screen, at the age of 27. If you have never seen “Body and Soul” and ever get the chance to, I suggest that you take the opportunity!. It introduced me to the genius of both Micheaux and Robeson’s work in film and as an artist and film buff, it continues to inform my way of thinking about the art of directing, the business of church, and African-American identity.


A Paul Robeson biopic helmed by Steve McQueen will be nothing short of extraordinary, especially as THE Harry Belafonte will have a part in making this film happen. What that part will entail of is unknown for the time being.



McQueen has also been tapped to direct a heist thriller movie based from a 1980s British TV miniseries titled “Widows“, which you can watch on YouTube (from what I’ve seen so far, this may be another new British television obsession for me!)

Let’s not forget that McQueen is also working on his first television show to hit the States, “Codes of Conduct“, about a young Black man entering high society in New York. I. Can’t. Wait.

As for Ms. Nyong’o, she has the next Star Wars movie on her plate, as well as being the new face of Lancome Cosmetics.


However, did you know that she has just scored another new film role in Mira Nair’s upcoming movie adaptation, “Queen of Katwe“? The film will be based on the real life of Ugandan chess prodigy, Phiona Mutesi. I am certain that Nyong’o will shine in her portrayal of Mutesi and maybe it could gain her another Oscar nomination….or award!


McQueen and Nyong’o….keep working, informing, and inspiring. I salute you!

Visionary Mike Nichols Passes Away At The Age of 83

Director of classic films such as “The Graduate”, “The Birdcage”, and “Working Girl”, as well as being a director of stage, an actor, writer, an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) recipient, producer, and comedian, Mike Nichols passed away suddenly yesterday at the age of 83. He was a refugee of Nazi Germany and the husband of Diane Sawyer, who is also a legend in her own right.

Whoopi Goldberg could not even talk on The View today about Nichols’ passing. They were dear friends and Nichols is credited for giving Whoopi her film career:



RIP Mike Nichols. Your gifts to the world will be passed on to many generations to discover and become inspired by.