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A New Poster, Stills, & Teaser Clip For NBC’s “Rosemary’s Baby” Remake Are Here!






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Even though Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” is one of my favorite all-time films, I will give this miniseries a chance. I’m most curious to see Zoe Saldana’s take on Rosemary and Patrick J. Adams’ portrayal of Guy. I also want to see how much of this miniseries’ tone will differ due to the story taking place in Paris instead of New York.

Maybe Zoe Saldana Will Make “Rosemary’s Baby” 2.0 Fetch…

When I first heard that Rosemary’s Baby was being remade, this was my first reaction:

zoe goodbye

I wanted to punch a hole in a wall. But, saying and doing are two completely different things and I don’t have the strength or weak walls to perform such a feat. I sat imagining that there was a big hole in my bedroom wall that I created in a rage because why would anyone really want to remake a perfect film like Rosemary’s Baby? Who in 2014 could make Minnie Castevet into her own as Ruth Gordon did?


Fast forward some months later and the next thing I know I’m reading that Rosemary is being portrayed a second time by Zoe Saldana, which makes me happier. One, because I love me some Zoe S. and two, because this singular decision tells me that the casting directors just may err from the side of having an all-White cast, which is exciting. If you’re going to remake a Polanski film, especially Rosemary’s Baby, choosing a diverse & talented cast for this mini-series event has to happen.

In the meantime, now we wait to find out who will play Guy, Roman, and Dr. Sapirstein, and if we will actually see Rosemary’s baby this second time around because the remake is officially and unequivocally happening.


“The Sound Of Music” and “YOLO” Airs TONIGHT!

Well, the time is nigh. “The Sound of Music” will air live tonight! As critical as I may get in regards to remakes and reboots of classic movies and television shows, I’m excited to see Carrie Underwood breathe new life into the role that Julie Andrews first made famous. Speaking of Dame Andrews, she has voiced her approval of the new “Sound of Music” Live edition, having once stated, “No, I won’t be in it, but I do endorse everything. I mean why not?”. I will be tuning in and sounding off later!


The new Maria Rainer and Von Trapp children

Also later tonight, if you wish to DVR “The Sound Of Music” or have an utter disdain for musicals, a new episode of “Scandal”, lovingly titled “YOLO” premieres. If you’ve seen the last episode, which was brilliantly directed by the mega-talented Ava DuVernay, “YOLO” is going to blow up the Twitterverse as it tends to do. All I have to say is Quinn….you in danger girl!!!

Ooooo Quinn...Huck is mad at YOU!

Ooooo Quinn…Huck is mad at YOU!

Rose McGowan Never Watched “Charmed” The First Time…

So, I love me some Rose McGowan. She exudes confidence and IDGAF attitude. I saw her a few months ago in the flesh and I was starstruck, and very, VERY few celebrities have made me react in such a manner. The woman is fierce! Hence, I’m not surprised at her confession that she never watched “Charmed”, even though she starred in the show once upon a time. I’m also not surprised that she won’t watch the remake and neither will I!

It ended seven years ago…why is CBS remaking this? It hasn’t even been a good decade yet. Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, and Holly Marie Combs were perfection. When they introduced Rose and Kaley Cuoco into the family, the show was still perfection. I still watch “Charmed” reruns on TV. Come on now!


How are they even going to remake/touch the theme song? You can’t mess with flawlessness like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS3skDiqwf0

Spotlight On… The “Flowers In The Attic” Adaptation Trailer

If I ever said anything negative about this adaptation, I retract my statement. After looking at its trailer, my heart is ready. I’m still forever attached to the book and the 1987 version with Kristy Swanson and Louise Fletcher. But, Ellen Burstyn looks like she turned it out for the 2014 movie in this trailer!

Oh, Lifetime how I love thee….

Image Taken by James Dittiger

Image Taken by James Dittiger

Five Thoughts After Seeing “Carrie” This Past Weekend…

This past weekend I trekked to my nearest movie theatre to partake in the “Carrie” remake and left with ten main thoughts in my head. Here they are:

1. Portia Doubleday aka “Chris Hargensen” is the standout star of the film

I didn’t recognize Portia Doubleday when I first saw her onscreen as the vicious Chris Hargensen in “Carrie” this weekend, but her name was just so familiar. After the movie I jumped on IMDB on my phone and quietly gasped to myself. Not only did I suddenly remember her being blonde, but I remembered her starring in 2009’s “Youth in Revolt” with Michael Cera and Rooney Mara. It’s said a lot, but in my eyes, Doubleday’s turn in “Carrie” is star-making.

2. Alex Russell needs to be in more movies

Remember Alex Russell? He was Andrew’s cousin, Matt, in “Chronicle”. I didn’t recognize him until midway through “Carrie”, which is a testament to his acting talent. People moan and groan about the state of young male actors in Hollywood today. You can declare all you want about the lack of true leading young men in Tinseltown, but I think that Alex Russell is in a group of rising young stars who may take over. As long as he picks solid, intriguing roles and remains focused on his career’s path, the kid will be alright.

Alex Russell as "Billy Nolan"

Alex Russell as “Billy Nolan”

3. I needed to see an Angela Bettis-type as “Carrie” in this remake

Chloe Grace Moretz is an exceptional actress. There are very few actresses in her age group that can do what she does with aplomb. I respect her acting decisions in “Carrie”, knowing the work that it takes to embody a character and execute those acting choices to an on-set crew, fellow cast members and huge audience seamlessly. Yet, I feel that I would have been scared out of mind seeing a different actress in this role. I felt bad for Chloe’s Carrie, but that was it. I wasn’t frightened by her like I was with Sissy Spacek’s Carrie. When I think of her Carrie, I think of fear and those huge, demonic eyes during the penultimate scenes of the 1976 film version. I went to this movie with a very open mind, but I left it still thinking that Sissy Spacek IS Carrie.

Angela Bettis in the 2002 version of "Carrie"

Angela Bettis in the 2002 version of “Carrie”

4. I’m torn by Julianne Moore’s depiction of “Margaret White”

Julianne Moore is an acting beast. Give her any character, and she will make an award-worthy flesh and bone person out of it. There were some amazing moments from Moore in “Carrie” where I was on the edge of my seat, but then they deflated to make room for a new scene. I just wanted them to linger on for just another minute or two. One scene in the film, where Sue Snell’s mother comes to Margaret’s place of work, is particularly frustrating. I won’t give what happens away, but there’s something that Margaret does which, if explored further in the movie, could have really given “Carrie” the macabre dimension I longed for.

The incomparable Julianne Moore as "Margaret White"

The incomparable Julianne Moore as “Margaret White”

5. Seeing Judy Greer as Ms. Desjardin was like watching what happened to Fern from “Jawbreaker” as a fully-fledged adult

Jawbreaker” is one of my all-time favorite movies. I own it, have probably watched it 100 times, and never want to see it remade. At the time that it was released (1999), Judy Greer was the breakout star of the movie and went on to have an impressive acting career in film and television. While she is known for being the “best friend” in the rom-com universe, no one can deny that Judy has acting chops and is a legit fierce comedienne. Watching her as Ms. Desjardin was a revelation- she wasn’t the “best friend” nor in a comedy, and you rooted for her just as much as you did Carrie. Her showdowns with Chris were especially entertaining. It was like seeing what happened to Fern after “Jawbreaker”, all grown up and well aware of Mean Girl-dom in a new era, yet still in high school.

Portia Doubleday's Chris Hargensen giving Judy Greer's Ms. Desjardins a piece of her mind in this year's "Carrie"

Portia Doubleday’s Chris Hargensen giving Judy Greer’s Ms. Desjardins a piece of her mind in this year’s “Carrie”

Want to read my full review on “Carrie”? Stay tuned for its debut in “Candi’s Corner” on Tinsel and Tine very soon!