Song of the Day-“push pull” by Purity Ring

The last full-length Purity Ring album came out three years ago but still sounds fresh. However, let’s make way for “another eternity“, because three years is a long wait to hear new music from such an innovative, progressive duo.

Song/Video of the Day: “Mother and Father” by Broods

Lorde-approved and NZ bred, Broods is coming to you in full force with powerful lyrics and stylish music videos. This first single of their full-length debut album “Evergreen”, titled “Mother and Father”, stands out for me because it’s not very often that we hear young musicians in this age talk about how much they miss their parents, wondering how they will get by without them as they forge a new life away from home.

Broods recently made their Stateside late night television debut on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” and will be opening for Sam Smith (!!!!) this Fall while on tour, also in the United States. After listening to this single, and others, I predict more big things for this band in the future.




Your New Favorite Band: Ballet School

Photo: London In Stereo

Photo: London In Stereo

Shirley Manson. Gwen Stefani. Cocteau Twins. These are the references that come to the mind of myself and many others, judging from the comments read on YouTube, which describes Ballet School’s lead singer, Rosie Blair. Her take-life-by-its-horns personality shines through her lyrics and vocal stylings, and the dream pop quality of Ballet School’s sound takes me straight back to those feelings of adolescent yearning and late night jaunts to Dairy Queen. Catchy melodies mixed with those slow-clap moments of your favorite teen/biopic/comedic/coming-of-age movies, Ballet School is on a mission to make us feel good.




Song of the Day: “Anyway” by MoXiiE

Photo: Ruthless Blogs

Photo: Ruthless Blogs

Thank the Lord for websites like Popjustice, for without it I would have not been privy to the likes of MoXiiE. This track, titled “Anyway”, is pop-licious.

If you like this song, here’s a download link to her Jungle PoP EP:

Happy listening!