HIGHLY ANTICIPATED: Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” (Teaser Trailer)

Yup, what we all wish we could do when getting out of bed in the morning just isn’t working out.


‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Is Nigh!

I stopped watching “The Walking Dead” some years ago…I don’t really know what happened or why (maybe it had to do with other television shows competing with my attention?). But, “Fear The Walking Dead” looks amazing and I’m so amped to watch the first episode this coming Sunday! I just hope that it doesn’t disappoint me like “Hemlock Grove” did. :/

Click HERE to see the first three minutes of the premiere episode!

I Need Some “Glue”

This Fall season I’ve found myself frustrated with American television. There are so many options and I literally do not have enough time. When I do have time, I have to decide between five different shows competing in one time slot (Wednesday nights are rough). Then there are those programs, who shall remain nameless for the time being, of which I decided to drop two episodes in, not being drawn in as much as I have with “Pretty Little Liars” or “My Mad Fat Diary”, not wanting to invest any longer in the characters and plot lines. My first excuse for that is possibly because deep down inside I’ve been burned enough by oft-argued premature television cancellations (I still silently pray for Ryan Murphy’s “Popular” to come back, even if just for a one-off TV movie). My second excuse is that my Netflix queue is fifty miles long and I still need to discover “Parenthood”, “Homeland”, and every other show I know that I should be watching, but can’t because I am, ironically, sacrificing many things to break into the same industry I have no time for as a passive observer.

Yet, while some of my British peers lament the state of entertainment programming in their country (quantity vs. quality is a popular issue), I still maintain that America should be very scared of its cousins across the pond. They have “Glue”. I need this in my life. Someone please be a dear and upload it. I beg of you!



UPDATE (11/15/14): With further research on the young actors featured on this show, I think that it is even safer to say that this show was made for my brain and eyeballs. We have thespians on deck like Yasmin Paige on deck (she played “Jordana” in one of my favorite films of this decade, “Submarine”, Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks fame, ¬†and Jessie Cave, known for her portrayal of “Lavender Brown” in the Harry Potter series. Then I find out that songs, such as the following, have made an appearance during the series as well:


Noted. You win “Glue”. You win.