“Broad City” Season Two, Please Come Here… NOW!!!

This looks even better than Season 1 (say what?!?). Bevars is still on deck doing nothing, Ilana remains a hot, spunky, lovable mess, Abbi finally gets to teach at the gym, Ilana and Lincoln eat titty chips, and Seth Rogan is in Abbi’s apartment, both yelling at one of the cutest kittens known to mankind.




Mini in Chelsea Is So Freaking Adorable and Spot On #Made in Chelsea

I just watched this and could not stop laughing. The casting is perfect and these little tykes have encapsulated the personalities of the Made in Chelsea gang to a T. I’m DONE!

Five Reasons To Watch “Lizzie Borden Took An Ax”

1. It stars Queen Christina Ricci of “The Addams Family”, “Addams Family Values”, “Now and Then”, “Casper”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Prozac Nation”, “Pan Am”, “200 Cigarettes”, “Pumpkin”, “Monster”, “Penelope”, “Black Snake Moan”, need I go on? fame.

ricci tumblr_m2xnzi2ow11qb0bobo1_500

2. It’s frigid outside in many parts of the States and you already paid your cable bill. May as well make the most of it. If you haven’t paid your cable bill yet, well you have no excuse but to cozy up on the couch and continue your delinquent ways into the weekend.

fey tumblr_inline_mrbqnnOJKy1qz4rgp

3. It’s on Lifetime, the channel that has brought us addictive, original programming such as:

4. It’s premiering right before another viewing of Flowers in The Attic, so if you haven’t seen that movie like myself, we are in for a horror double feature treat!


5. It’s based on a true story. It’s good to know your American history!

The real Lizzie Borden

The real Lizzie Borden






Spotlight On… The “Flowers In The Attic” Adaptation Trailer

If I ever said anything negative about this adaptation, I retract my statement. After looking at its trailer, my heart is ready. I’m still forever attached to the book and the 1987 version with Kristy Swanson and Louise Fletcher. But, Ellen Burstyn looks like she turned it out for the 2014 movie in this trailer!

Oh, Lifetime how I love thee….

Image Taken by James Dittiger

Image Taken by James Dittiger

VH1’s “CrazySexyCool” Premieres Tonight! Set Your DVR’s!

Well, folks the time is nigh. VH1’s “CrazySexyCool” TLC biopic premieres tonight! If you haven’t seen the official trailer for this TV movie, check it out below:

I’ve been waiting MONTHS for this! What I love about this trailer is that Drew Sidora, Keke Palmer, and Lil’ Mama are not doing impersonations. You can tell that they’ve spent the time studying T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chili to get facial expressions, body movement, dance choreography, and vocals down to an exact replication, yet still all three actresses appear natural. I only wish that this movie could have been shown in theatres, but it’s still going to do damage in the TV ratings tonight!